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We love their words like they love our work!

Any CTA project is and will always be a challenge, no matter what. This was not an easy project. There were some hiccups in design, detailing, fabrication, and especially survey of an existing structure. Overall, the project went well. You, the detailing team and I have learned how to meet the design intent and project requirements and solve all those issues. I can say that you guys did a good job in detailing of the structural and miscellaneous for this project.

I have worked with Srini’s team and personally visited his dedicated team of steel detailers in Namakkal India. Srini’s team is experienced in conveyor steel, transfer towers, etc. as required in our bulk material handling projects. Srini is also a very honest and straightforward person who will tell what can and can’t be done, thereby no false expectations are set in terms of scheduling and work completion.

We have had 8 or 9 projects detailed by Adept to-date. Srini and his staff have always been very responsive to our schedule with the submittals. We coordinate largely through e-mail all RFIs and submittals. They have done an excellent job of detailing and we have not had any issues with detailing errors. Adept’s pricing is also very competitive. And we have not had any change orders even when there have been revisions after the approval submission.

What I liked the most was his team taking ownership of their work and responding proactively to steel fabricators that had questions regarding the drawing or details that were generated. Once the standards are established, and a communication protocol was known it went pretty well. All the revisions were done in a timely manner and the drawings, parts list, models were updated in a timely fashion.

Adept has done projects ranging from several tons up to 150+ tons for us, involving both structural and miscellaneous steel. We are not a large ton fabricator, however, I imagine that Adept would do a fine job on larger projects as well.

We have used several other detailing services. They did decent work but I honestly prefer working with Adept due to their service and accuracy above all else. I offer a strong recommendation for considering Adept for steel detailing.