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Structural Steel Detailing Process

by Manoj


Structural Steel Detailing Process

Adept Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd  is one of the Best Indian Steel Detailing Firm. What made us the best steel structure detailing company is the process of Structural Steel Detailing. We provide structural steel detailing service at a cost-effective price. There are various process and step followed in steel structure detailing to obtain an error free shop drawings.


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Initial Stage: 

                            Once the job is awarded, the executive team will talk to the customer and get all the structural steel detailing requirements. A project manager is assigned for single point of contact with a customer. The project schedule and list of deliverables are planned accordingly. We study the Client Design Drawings, Standards and mark it as Job Information sheet (JIS) and get to confirm with client prior to start the work. 

 Model Stage: 

                           Once the project starts, with confirmation of JIS. We start to work with the model if any clarification required or Information required, we prepare the Request for Information sheet that describes what clarification/Information required. We provide the supporting document same as marked in the RFI log for tracking the status of it. 

        Once the Member placements are completed based on the given loads the steel connection design are performed and applied into the model. Our idea of steel connection detailing takes into consideration various factors such as the Design Code (Allowable strength design (ASD) or Load and resistance factor design(LRFD)), Given Member forces, and also Shipping and Erection feasibility  allowable structure design based on load, force transfer mechanism, and the right kind of connections, to name a few. The Model are checked and sent to the client for validations. As they help to get a better visualization before it comes to live steel structure. 

Detailing  Stage: 

                            After the connection design are completed the members are numbered and now we prepare the steel detailing drawings. Every member in the building are converted into detailed drawings called fabrication drawing. Which the acts as an input for many Fabricating tools. Once the detailing of the drawings was completed the drawings are back checked with model. 

         A small mistake in this can affect the entire process and requires lot of time, money and other resource. So, these drawings should be very accurate to ensure the seamless process. 

 Final stage: 

                    Finally, the Erection Drawings are provided which acts as a base to the erector. Which member goes where in the field. The bill of material  also provided to the fabricators that give the total information about what amount of material should be purchased. We provide the required supporting files as per the client requirements like CNC files. 

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