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by harsh

We hope everyone would have enjoyed this women’s day. Why women’s day is so special? Is women are some super species created by God? Are men not doing enough to be celebrated?

Generation have gone many women are ruling the world, there are many in Management, Business sectors wait the list goes on and we can conclude no field is left out. But still we are just talking about gender equality.

Many people from rural areas are still facing difficulties. Which an urban people gets just like that. Especially women from rural background are facing much more difficulties then men

At Adept it is our vision to give wings to who dream big. This is a story of someone who want to do something different from rest of her folks.

Nirmala a woman from such a background with big dream is someone different from the normal flock. When she came for interview she was graduated from ITI Draftsmen and also a mom of three kids.

She was the Elder daughter of Mr. Kumar and Mrs. Palaniyammal with four siblings in Alanganatham a small village near Namakal. It was tough for their parents to provide food and education to all of them. Nirmala came up to 11th std as she was too good at studies and had a determination not to get stuck in her village. Just like other Girls in her village Nirmala got married when she was studying 11th. After getting married to Mr. Murugesan, she expressed her willingness to continue her studies. She got permission and scored 85% in 12th. This made Mr. Murugesan to think and he accepted to let her to pursue her dream of going to college. But God had other plan they had their first daughter

After so many struggles she completed her Degree in English Literature with two kids. To meet her financial needs for her home and paying for college fees. She worked multiple jobs. After completing her degree also, she was not able to find job. So, with a guidance of someone she came to know about ITI where she got into Draftsmen course. When they reached final year her professor asked everyone what are they going to do. Nirmala told that she wanted to work in Namakkal itself as she has to support her family. This how Nirmala meet us.

We are so amazed to see such a person with so much of guts to come this long. We also should appreciate her husband who is supporting her in all means. There are so many women out there in the world who are dreaming as big as her.

We hope you have read this long and might be inspired by her.