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Made in Tekla

by Manoj

About Us   

Adept Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd has been in Structural Steel detailing for 9 years with a team of 50+ engineers from a Tier 2 city Namakkal in Southern India. We are one of the best steel detailing company in India serving engineering companies, designers, fabricators and EPC contractors in the United States and globally.

About the project

We are glad that our project conical refuse bin with the blow chute has been shortlisted for Made in Tekla competition. In this project we have to refurbish a refuse bin provided with 75 years old hand drawn drawings. What is more challenging is that the circular hopper should be in conical in structure.

Challenges and their solutions:

We listed out the top five challenges faced for this project.

Challenge One:

As an input, we got 75 years old hand drawn drawing from that we have to model a conical shaped bin with blow chute.


With our Team  knowledge and industry expertise we were able to draw the model with the help of Tekla structures. We also got the help of Tekla structures support team to get the prefect output as required by the client

Challenge two:

The challenging part was, the circular hopper with a radius of 13- 6 1/4″, height of 55″ and continuously varying valley angles. This should be detailed in such a way that the liner plates and shell plates match at the work point. Also, to meet with client’s 75 years old hand drawn drawings input dimensions.


So, we decided to split and detailed this conical 360 structure to form 18 pieces assembly. The 18 plates are Modelled to form conical shape with a specified diameter with the help of Tekla structure Create conical bent plate (by faces options) tool. This tool helped us to create the curved plate by providing the height and selecting the face of the plate.

Challenge three:

Next, we have to provide the Plate Detailing with straight dimension to match the BOM dimensions.


Usually, Tekla structures unfolded option helps us to provide the dimension of the unfolded plate as per the BOM. But as the plate has a curved shape, we are unable to attain the prefect output. So, we spent few hours to get the unfolded dimension using trial and error.

Challenge four:

While connecting the plates it was difficult for us to model the bolt and weld slot as the plate has curved surface here so, we are unable to use the bolt repetition option. because it has linearly varying slope with circular shape.


When we are about to detail the bolts for these 18 plates. We faced difficulty to model the bolts for connecting these conical shape plates. We were able to use the circular repetition option for modelling the bolts in exact circular plane, but when it came into a sloppy we were unable to do it. So, we assigned bolts individually based on the slope of the conical plate.

Challenge five:

While converting the NC code to DXF, the bolt is not showing in the DXF file properly. While cross checking the output it does not shown the holes of the bolts.


In order to match the bolt in the NC and DXF file, we adjusted the bolts slightly with respect to the connecting plate faying surface.


The project involved only 2 modellers, 2 detailers and a checker, with reference to manual drafted design drawing sketches, we at adept engineering were able to design what client is expected output using Tekla structures 2018i. This conical refuse bin with blow chute has a total weight of 68ton. We completed entire project within 15 days it happened only because of the Tekla structures tools.

Thanks to Tekla Support team

In future we would be glad if Tekla Structures come out with the solution for Bolts repetitions in the sloped plate surface as like a circular repetition option.

& proudly our project as a reference in Tekla Official website

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