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Leadership Team

Adept Engineering Private Limited has a strong sense of value due to its founder’s dedication to the company.

A good brand is built on the principles of better intentions. We intend and insist on presenting you with what we consider the best.

Mr. Srinivasan

Founder & Director

Founder & Director of Adept Engineering, Mr. Srinivasan comes with over two decades of insightful experience in the civil and structural engineering business. Over the years, Srinivasan managed to climb up the corporate ladder quickly and gained expertise in various fields such as Oil & Gas, Defense & Space, and Information Technology. What sets Srini apart from the crowd is that he has gained on-field working experience. Not only has he designed but also executed them on the field. In every project, he makes sure to bring his dash of innovation to the table.

From drawing office to commissioning of industrial projects, Srini has done it all. That said, the value-added in civil and structural engineering by working in the field is much more than cramming on-paper theories.
With a colorful tenure at renowned firms such as KBR Inc. and QuEST Global, he took his passion for engineering to great levels with his attention to detail and subject knowledge. It is this passion that eventually led him to start Adept Engineering Solutions, as a one-stop shop for companies around the world looking to consolidate their business through structural engineering.

Srini, being a passionate organic farmer and an eco-warrior, has engineered an instrumental “Model Organic Farm.” Starting from his farm, he contributes to afforestation through rainwater harvesting and is underway to create an arboretum of vivid trees and plants to make our planet greener, and more importantly, stronger.

Mr. Pugazharasan

General Manager

Accredited as the General Manager of Adept Engineering, Mr. Pugazharasan crowns a whopping 27+ years’ experience in Structural Steel detailing and Engineering Project Management. Having worked with companies like QuEST, Star Building Systems-USA, Babcock, BBUSL, Mecon, M.N. Dastur, TCE, and many more, Pugazharasan has been adept in meeting the multinational detailing standards. Pugal, as we like to call him, has proficiently managed many engineering detailing projects in AISC, Australian, Canadian, European, British as well as Indian standard codes.