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Our Pledge

At Adept Engineering, our teams are equipped with the knowledge and technology to help clients find the best solution that is custom-fit to meet their business needs and goals. All employees acknowledge the value of providing great customer service and take every decision with that kept in mind. Our pledge to deliver well on what has been committed, reflects in our daily work and final output. Here is the pledge that has been inculcated into every ADEPT employee’s work ethic:

  • I am well aware that knowledge is power and knowledge applied is real power.
  • I am well aware that making a mistake at work is a sin and will not benefit my client and those who depend on me.
  • I will act responsibly, realizing that I am also a factor in the growth and progress of my organization.
  • I am well aware that the customer is the most important person in a company.
  • I and my company are committed to growing year after year.
  • I am well aware that it is my duty to provide quality service to the needs of the customers.
  • If I have any doubt, I will seek clarification from the knower in accordance with the idea that “Any question is a good question”
  • I feel it is my  duty  to do a job right the first time.
  • I will always think of  positive, constructive thoughts and share only positive thoughts with others.
  • I, my family and friends, realize that saving resources is our security and pledge to save resources such as electricity, fuel, food and water

About Adept

Adept Engineering is an AISC Associate, an NISD member, and an ISO 9001:2015 certified structural steel detailing Company headquartered in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India. We are a committed team of doers with an in-depth understanding of the civil & structural engineering industry under our belt.

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Some things are meant to be the way it is. At Adept, it’s our Non-Negotiable Culture. From zero error to on-time delivery, zero excuses, trust, and communication, we pledge to deliver what we commit. And, we like to call it “Adeptism”.

Non-Negotiable Culture


Good Communication Internally and Externally

We Trust each other

So Customer Trust us

We Execute without supervision

On Time Delivery or Early Delivery We Commit We Deliver