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Enhance your habit at workplace

by Ashokkumar

In today’s world, everyone is shuttling between work, home, friends and last but not least social media. We want to spend time in each of it, but which is not happening. This creates an unknown stress and eventually leads to lack of interest in everything. Which in turn affects our life both professionally and personally.
We at Adept look our employee as our extended family. So, we want our people to handle this in a better way. We took the help of technology as well as Aspire team to work thing in our way.
Aspire is an employee loyalty program that revolves around habit formation. In this program employee habits are curated both for professional and personal development.

1. Why Habit formation?

People form opinions and pay importance to an individual’s behaviour. A person’s behaviour defines who they are actually. Behaviour changes will not come in a day. So, we wanted to follow a routine daily which eventually led to a change. In long term in will form a habit.

  • Even minor changes in daily behaviours can lead to considerable benefits.

It seems like an impossible thing to do, but actually, changing one’s daily habits is not that hard. There are many people who have successfully adopted new behaviors and habits and benefitted from them.

A habit is said to have developed in a person when exposed to similar situations or things non-consciously brings up the same reactions. This influences behavior with minimal conscious and forward planning.

2. The 3 R’s of Habit formation.


Here at Adept, each employee has created a habit for personal and professional growth. We are able to track our daily routine via aspire app. The employee who follows it daily are given points and which reflects in their score board.

We reward every employee through points they’ve earned through performing habits regularly. Redemptions are carried in every quarter.

This is going to Empower individuals to focus on holistic development. Encouraging habits for personal wellness & development. We believe Habit formation is the most sustainable way to develop an individual.