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Adept Upshot-2021

by Ashokkumar

We at ADEPT celebrate festival and happy moment with our ADEPTians. Though it was a challenging year for the whole world, we were happy to create these moments with our ADEPTians and wish the same in upcoming years as well. Let us take a look at the happy moment of 2021.

1. Pongal :- January 2021

Pongal is the festival of farmers celebrating their harvest. Which they have been working for so long in their field. We at ADEPT celebrate it as a day to remember our hard work of the previous year. We get dressed up in our traditional wear Veshti and Saree. We also prepare sweet Pongal, which is usually prepared on Pongal by anyone of us along with some fun activities.

2. Women’s Day :- March 2021

Many speaks of women empowerment especially when their calendar shows March. In Tier 2 cities like us though women are provided with basic education. Many women have untold dreams and unrealised wings. We are happy at least we are able change few women’s life and make them realize their wings. They are empowered to reach their dreams. As an aspect of celebrating this victory and wanted to add more feather to the crown, we are celebrating women’s day just not for as it has shown up but with a greater mission.

3. Rewards Day :- August 2021

At ADEPT employee are rewarded for their performance in various activity took place at that year. This year few of us completed our certification in respective streams, some of them topped in habit formation. This rewarded are provided to motivate employee to grow personally and professionally.

4. Ayudha Pooja :- October 2021

It is a day where you worship your instrument which help you in your profession. We at ADEPT celebrating it by cleaning the entire workplace. We work ship our computer systems, laptops, printers, network equipment and other peripherals as well for working along with us round the clock. Followed by Sarasvati Pooja we show our gratitude to books for help us to empower our knowledge. ADEPT always having habit of purchasing of books and weekly, monthly magazines of steel industries and personal development activities to enhance the knowledge.

5. Family Get-togther :- October 2021

ADEPT treats its employees as an extended family. We mark up a day in a year to celebrate along with entire family. This year we gathered at Nallas Hotel Namakal with chief guest Niraj from USA. It will be a day of fun filled activities. This year we had magic shows to entertain kids, children’s game shows along with our family and separate events to entertain them.

Also, we honour the employees based on their year of contribution to ADEPT on the day. Employees open up by their own thought and share their experience with ADEPT. Followed by the Varity of buffet with family. The end of the event we have nice group photo.

6. Diwali – Day of Gifts :- November 2021

Diwali is a festival of lights and sweet. We at ADEPT celebrate it as a Day of Gifts. All the employees will be provided with a big sweet box and also a gift along with it. Each year a unique gift is provide and we enjoy it. This year we got hoodies to keep us warm in coming winter.

7. Team Lunch :- Dcember 2021

Team Lunch provides an opportunity for team building. Although at office we have lunch together we may not have it with our boss or manager. But team lunch provides this opportunity and get know the lighter side of our superiors. This is year we had our team lunch at Radison Salem which gave us an exotic experience at our home town.