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The versatility and precision detailing of Feed Box for Industrial Applications

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In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, efficiency and adaptability are paramount. Feed Box exemplifies these qualities, offering a robust solution for a wide range of industries and applications such as Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing and power generations. Feed Box is designed to streamline material transformation and ensure smooth operations. 

Customer Design Standards 

Clients provide specific design standards to ensure the Feed Box meets their unique requirements. These standards typically include: 

  • 3D DWG file or the Structural design drawing 
  • Plate Specifications: All plates are 1/4″, A36 unless noted otherwise (U.N.O.). 
  • Structural Connections: Bolts are 3/4″ diameter A325 bolts with nuts and F436 washers, hot dip galvanized unless noted otherwise (U.N.O.). 
  • Machinery Mounting Bolts: Grade 2, hot-dip galvanized bolts. 
  • Hole Specifications: All holes are 13/16″ diameter, U.N.O. 

These precise standards guarantee that our Feed Box modelling and detailing will meet the exact purpose of the intent. 

Experience-Driven Enhancements 

Drawing from extensive field experience, we continually refine our detailing to satisfy the design intent of the Feed Box.

plug hole

 Skilled Execution

Our adept team follows a meticulous process, ensuring each project is completed Precisely. Adhering to the Client schedule, AISC Code of Standard Practice and high QA/QC process we maintain the highest standards of quality. We also consulted OSHA regulations for all the structural steel items   

 Detailing Process 

Our process begins with updating the 3D DWG files based on the client’s design drawings. We then develop a comprehensive 3D model, which moves through various stages of detailing. Our detailing team works diligently to produce accurate and detailed plans with ISO execution, which are then rigorously checked to eliminate any unnoticed errors, ensuring a flawless final product. During the checking phase, adjustments to plate lengths, notable improvement involves modifying the diverter gate by adding 1-inch diameter plug weld holes from the liner plate to the shell plate. This weld enhances integrity and functionality of the Feed Box fabrication and erection feasibility are made as necessarily. The elaborate 2D detailing and 3D model are then finalized  and ready for client review. 

 Leveraging Past Success for Current Projects 

Our ability to make precise adjustments is informed by the success of past projects. This historical knowledge enables us to anticipate potential issues and address them proactively, ensuring each project meets our high standards. 

Delivering on Our Promises 

By adhering to our rigorous processes and leveraging our team’s expertise, we consistently deliver projects ahead of schedule. This commitment to timely delivery and high-quality results aligns with our tagline: “WE COMMIT, WE DELIVER.” 


Feed Box stands as a testament to our dedication to quality, precision, and client satisfaction. By continually refining our modelling and detailing processes, we ensure that our Modelling and detailing of plate works remains a reliable and efficient solution for various industrial applications. As customer too satisfied there is no fitup issues in fabrication and erection, with a proven track record of success we always verify the checklists once before provided the project to the clients results in a commitment to excellence. 

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