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Challenges faced in commercial Warehouse with an existing structure

by Manoj


Undertaking a commercial warehouse  project with a existing structure can be challenging. In this blog, we’ll discuss a recent project we completed a warehouse for company in Pennsylvania, United States. Our steel detailing company was tasked with adding a warehouse to their existing facility, and we faced some challenges along the way. However, we overcame these challenges and successfully completed the project, making our client happy.

Challenges Faced:

One of the major challenges we faced was not receiving steel coordination drawings such as joist, deck, RTU Frame, and OH door drawings at the beginning of the project. Despite this setback, our team managed to complete 75% of the modeling and detailing work. We didn’t wait for the client RFI’s and coordination drawing responses to avoid delays. Instead, we released the steels on time as scheduled by marking EOR questions for GC’s and Engineer’s review for getting approval.

Overcoming Challenges:

Our team found discrepancies in comments between our Fabricator’s to GC’s and we addressed them immediately. This led to our customer appreciating our attention to detail, and we got regular updates on the main steel erection, indicating that our steels fitted well with no issues in Main steel Zero Shop and Field call received from our customer. We also released the Misc steels in a quick turnaround time, which impressed our client.

Making Our Client Happy:

Our efforts paid off as our client was extremely satisfied with our work. They expressed their satisfaction through mails, commending us as the best steel detailing company and best steel detailers in India. This was a testament to our commitment to providing quality and efficient services to our clients.


In conclusion, we faced in this warehouse commercial project for a company in pennsalvania. Our team’s dedication and attention to detail led to the successful completion of the project, and our client’s satisfaction was a validation of our efforts. As a steel detailing company, we remain committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients.


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